Groundwater monitoring / groundwater protection

Are you worried about the health and productivity of your bores / production wells?  We can assist.

If you have land leased to others and they are using the groundwater, we can assist with initial baseline flow testing and short or long term depth and salinity monitoring.

The Adani Carmichael Mine has been great publicity to bring into the fore the health and sustainability of our limited groundwater reserves.
Of all the freshwater in the world (excluding polar ice caps), 95 percent is groundwater.  Surface water (lakes and rivers) only make up three percent of our freshwater. (

Only by accurate testing and monitoring can we develop a reliable picture of the health and viability of our groundwater aquifers.

Services offered by Backyard Bores & Geotech Drilling:

  • Flow rate testing of existing bores/wells from 0.2 litres per second up to 35L/s, constant rate or stepped test.
  • Automated measuring and recording of flow rates in L/s from 10 minutes duration to 72 hours.
  • Providing analysis and producing reports from the flow rate data with trends.
  • Drilling new monitoring wells in accordance with international industry best practice standards and conforming to Qld government requirements.
  • Automated measuring and recording of water depth and salinity for short term (up to 72 hours) and long term (up to 4 years).
  • Alerting and alarms if adjustable limits have been reached (Min and Max: salinity, flow rate, water levels).
  • (Coming in 2019) Centralised data logging from multiple sites with near real-time data transfer.

We come from the land, we only have bore water to drink and live off, we understand your needs and concerns.

Trust the locals to put you first.

It's your land, you have the choice of who conducts the monitoring / sampling of water and recording of data from your bores.

Choose Backyard Bores and Geotech Drilling.

Resources to assist you:

Google MyMaps of registered bores/wells in the following regions:

  Mackay - Sarina - Eungella

  Bowen Basin and Mining Regions

  Monitoring Wells ONLY from Bowen to Miriam Vale